messy or cleanWriting is something that can sometimes take a lot of concentration to make sure that everything flows, and you do not leave a storyline hanging in some way. Therefore, it is going to be very important for you to find your writing spot and make it a place that is very productive for your needs.

Creating a Space

writing comfortMost people will work better if they have a clutter free work space. Other people need to have clutter to feel comfortable. Which type of person are you? If need a desk that is filled with things to keep your focus clear, do it. If you need to be writing on your computer but feel that it is a distraction at the same time, there are programs that can help you write in full screen mode and give you soothing sounds to listen to. The choice is yours.

Privacy May Matter

There are several writers who need absolute solitary rooms to get the most done. Therefore, it is important that they have that space. Make a schedule that others know so that they do not intrude on your space during a time when you are writing if that is what you need.

Comfort Counts

writing comfortablyYou do not have to dress up to write a novel or a short story. It is okay if you are wearing a baggy tee-shirt and jogging pants. Your PC or laptop should be in an area that is comfortable for you as well. If you are most comfortable sitting on the couch to write, do it. If you need a desk and a more structured area, do it. Your comfort is all that matters and the more comfortable you are; the more productive your writing will be.