reading in a hammockReading is a wonderful pastime. It is something that you could spend hours doing if you find yourself in the middle of a good book or find a story that is from one of your most favorite authors. A favorite thing for many avid readers is taking a good book outside with them. You will see many people reading on the beach or sitting in the park engrossed in a novel, but there are also people who choose to sit outdoors in a favorite reading nook at home. They know the secret to happy reading outdoors and you can learn about making outdoor reading areas more enjoyable as well.

For the Love of Reading

reading at poolDuring the spring and summer months, on days or evenings when there is a cool breeze blowing, you can relax. You can sit back in a hammock or in your favorite outdoor chair and simply let your worries fade away. It is even more possible if you take your favorite book outside with you because it is basically an escape into another world. The key is to find a spot that allows you to feel good about taking a break from the real world. The downside is that spring and summertime pests also enjoy spending time in the great outdoors and it can make it difficult for you to totally get immersed in a book.

The Insects of Spring and Summer

outdoor reading nookIn most areas, mosquitoes, gnats, and other insects all come out to play during the coolest hours of spring and summer. No one can read a good book when swatting at bugs or scratching the bites that they have left behind. It becomes a battle between man and insect, that unfortunately bugs often win. They are the ones bugging you, not the other way around. You will give up your space a lot faster than they do, unless you decide to fix the problem by making your reading nook a place that they do not enjoy. A lot of people use mosquito repellents, but others do not want to use them every time they step outdoors. Other people plant plants or have smelly candles all around and others use a mosquito treatment for standing water. What you do, will depend on your needs and your preferences. After you have defeated the insects, you will want to put in a little effort to create your reading space so that you can relax completely.

Creating an Outdoor Reading Space

An outdoor reading nook can be created anywhere. If you have a garden, you may hang up a hammock and place a table nearby to give you a reading space that is uniquely yours. If you are a builder and have a garden spot picked out, you may want to build a shelter to protect you from the sun and spring showers. The secret to successful reading nooks will depend on the effort that you want to put forth. You will want to decide where you want it to be located, how much maintenance you want to put into it, and then how much personalization you want to add to it.