Flash Flash Click moving to Angels Flight • literary west

We’re happy to announce that Flash Flash Click is moving to become part of Angels Flight • literary west!

Angels Flight • literary west is an online literary journal that seeks to explore uncharted stories of Los Angeles and beyond. The biannual journal, cofounded by David Lott and Michele Raphael, has dedicated editors for each section, rolling submissions (including an open call for its politically-motivated “Wall of Resistance”), and a monthly literary salon held at Clifton’s in Los Angeles.

Past Flash Flash Click pieces will be published and archived in the Flash section of Angels Flight • literary west — giving Flash contributors a new and bigger audience.

Thank you for reading and supporting Flash Flash Click thus far. The work of our contributors will remain live here until the migration to Angels Flight • literary west is completed in June 2017.

Visit Angels Flight • literary west to enjoy great flash prose, as well as newer and longer works of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

Flash in Winter: See you at AWP!

Where to read, hear, and meet your favorite Flash Flash Click contributors:

Catch Flash contributors at the 2017 AWP Conference & Bookfair in Washington DC! Contributor Wendy C. Ortiz will be on the panel “But That’s Not How It Was: Memoir Writers on Pushing Back Against Expected Narratives” on Feb. 9.

Contributor Michelle Ross’s story collection, There’s So Much They Haven’t Told You (Moon City Press), is available for pre-order and will be debuting at AWP. Hear Michelle read offsite at AWP at Fast, Fresh, & Weird on Feb. 9.

Also at AWP, editor Siel Ju will debut her novel-in-stories Cake Time (Red Hen Press). Hear her read at the Red Hen Press Omnibus Reading Feb. 9 and sing at Literaoke II Feb. 10.

Pick up contributor Carol V. Davis’s new book of poems, Because I Cannot Leave This Body (Truman State UP)!

The next Roar Shack happens Feb. 12 in Los Angeles. Contributor David Rocklin hosts!

Enjoy two new poems by contributor Lisa Locascio — “Your Fear Of My Power” and “There Is A Lie In My Heart” — at El Balazo Press.

Contributors Kathleen McGookey and Erin Lyndal Martin both have poems in decomp! Read them here and here!

Enjoy Monica Nawrocki’s latest piece in Chaos!

Don’t miss Yasmina Madden’s “fake nonfiction” piece in Defenestration Magazine.

Contributor Wendy C. Ortiz is judging creative nonfiction for the International Literary Awards! Submit by Feb. 15!

Read Carol V. Davis’ new poem in Miramar.

Enjoy contributor Marley Simmons’s brief essay in Sweet Tree Review, and her flash story in the 2017 print issue of Steel Toe Review.

Contributor Michelle Ross’s story “When the Cottonmouths Come to Feed” is in the new issue of Cream City Review.

Contributor Melissa Goode’s story “On a planet other than ours” was published by Litro in January.

Contributor Mary Milstead has three pieces in Shirley Magazine: “The Lion and the Lioness,” “The Rabbit,” and “Never.”

Contributor D. A. Hosek’s story, “Our Lady of the Freeway” was awarded the 2016 Headland Prize.

Contributor Marley Simmons’s story “Good Neighbors” was nominated for a 2016 Pushcart by Menacing Hedge.

Flash in December: And indeed there will be time

Where to read, hear, and meet your favorite Flash Flash Click contributors:

Read contributor Wendy Fontaine’s personal essay “The Most Wonderful Time,” at Windmill, the literary magazine at Hofstra University.

Editor Siel Ju’s novel-in-stories, Cake Time, is now available for pre-order.

Read contributor Anna Scotti’s poem “Esposito & Son” in The New Yorker.

Enjoy reading contributor Mary Rechner’s excerpt of her novel in progress at Harvard Review Online.

Contributor Elizabeth Ellen has a new poem up about the election at Hobart.

Contributor D. A. Hosek has poems in the November issues of two Australian Journals; “Snowman Tracks” is in Meniscus and “Chicago Sonnet #5” is in Westerly.

Enjoy contributor Michelle Ross’s stories — “What We Expect to See” at Paper Darts and “Accomplice or Hostage” in Jellyfish Review. Michelle received three Pushcart Prize nominations this year from Jellyfish Review, Arroyo Literary Review, and Moon City Review

Look for Yennie Cheung’s flash piece “The Unruly Mob” in The Rattling Wall/PEN Center’s post-election anthology, Only Light Can Do That.

Don’t miss the next Roar Shack reading 12/11 in Los Angeles. Contributor David Rocklin hosts.

Contributor Wendy C. Ortiz’s book tour for her third book, Bruja, continues! Catch her on her book tour; many dates and locations are below.



Flash in November: Blood, Bruja, Bellow

Where to read, hear, and meet your favorite Flash Flash Click contributors:

Contributor Wendy C. Ortiz’s third book, Bruja, is out as of 10/31! Catch her on her book tour; many dates and locations are below.


Contributor Nicholas Rhys interviewed contributor Wendy C. Ortiz about her new book, Bruja, at Electric Lit.

The next Vermin on the Mount reading happens 11/11 in Los Angeles. Contributor Jim Ruland hosts!

Contributor Lisa Cheby’s review of Mr. West by Sarah Blake is now up at Tupelo Quarterly.

Contributor Lisa Locascio’s debut novel Jutland Gothic just sold to Grove Atlantic! It’s due out in 2018.

Contributor  Lauren Eggert-Crowe reads at the Women of The Rumpus round at the Melrose Bellow, happening in Los Angeles 11/12.

Contributor Flint’s first book, Blood, was a finalist for the UNO Press Lab Award at the University of New Orleans.

Don’t miss the next Roar Shack reading 11/13 in Los Angeles. Contributor David Rocklin hosts!

Contributor Lisa Locascio will teach at the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference this summer, August 3-5 in Fort Bragg, Calif.

Read Contributor Wendy Fontaine’s essay on Hip Mama magazine! Another of her essays, “Family Recipe,” was recently named a finalist in the Tom Howard/John H. Reid Fiction & Essay Contest.

Editor Siel Ju will join Meredith Alling for a conversation at Skylight Books to celebrate the launch of Meredith’s new short story collection, Sing the Song. It happens in LA on 11/15.

Flash in October: Witchcraft, sharp implements, and other literary news


Rosso Parigi, the Italian translation of contributor Maureen Gibbons’s novel Paris Red, is now available.

Contributor Nicholas Rhys has new writing in A-MinorTalking Book, and Electric Literature!

Editor Siel Ju will give a talk at the next Women Who Submit event on Oct. 8 in Los Angeles.

The next Roar Shack reading happens Oct. 9 in Los Angeles. Contributor David Rocklin hosts!

Contributor Lisa Locascio has three new poems up at El Balazo Press.

Contributor Marie Harris’s prose poem, “Standard Plumbing,” will appear and be read by Garrison Keillor on his Writers Almanac on Oct. 13.

Come out to Lit Crawl Los Angeles on Oct. 26 to hear Wendy C. Ortiz, Siel Ju, and many other Flash contributors read at various events throughout the night.

Pick up contributor Stefan Kiesbye’s new novel, Knives, Forks, Scissors, Flames, when it comes out Oct. 26!

Hear contributor Wendy C. Ortiz read with Randa Jarrar and Myriam Gurba, for Randa’s book launch of Him, Me, Muhammad Ali on Oct. 28 in Los Angeles.

Contributor Christopher Citro has a new collaborative prose poem up at Barnstorm.

Get a copy of contributor Wendy C. Ortiz’s new book, Bruja, when it comes out on Halloween, Oct. 31! The book launch party happens Nov. 6 in Los Angeles.

Flash in September: A Poetry Fest and more

Where to read, hear, and meet your favorite Flash Flash Click contributors:


The 2016 Southern California Poetry Festival — organized by contributor Sonia Greenfield — happens in Long Beach, Calif. Sep. 10. Contributor Lauren Eggert-Crowe and editor Siel Ju will be among the many poets reading their work.

Contributor Nicholas Rys has two poems in the latest issue of Deluge, as well as a short story at Maudlin House.

Read Contributor Wendy C. Ortiz’s nonfiction piece in the latest issue of The Lifted Brow.

The next Roar Shack reading happens Sep. 11 in Los Angeles. Contributor David Rocklin hosts and editor Siel Ju reads!

Enjoy contributors Lisa Cheby and Lauren Eggert-Crowe’s poems in the latest issue of Angels Flight Literary West.

Listen to Wendy C. Ortiz on Bindercon’s latest podcast!

Flash in August: Enchantments, afflictions, and punk rock

Where to read, hear, and meet your favorite Flash Flash Click contributors:

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Hear Wendy C. Ortiz chat with Leigh Stein about Leigh’s new memoir, Land of Enchantment, on August 4 in Los Angeles.

The next Roar Shack reading happens August 14 in Los Angeles. David Rocklin hosts!

Mary Rechner’s interview with writer Katie Chase, author of fantastic story collection Man & Wife is up at Propeller Magazine.

The next Vermin on the Mount readings happens in Los Angeles on August 19 and in San Diego August 20! Jim Ruland hosts.

Lauren Eggert-Crowe reads at the Angels Flight • literary west, reading and launch party August 20 in Los Angeles.

Cathleen Calbert’s fourth book of poems, The Afflicted Girls, has just been published by Little Red Tree.

Celebrate the launch of Keith Morris’s memoir, My Damage: The Story of a Punk Rock Survivor, with coauthor Jim Ruland on August 26 in Los Angeles.

David Rocklin’s second novel The Night Language (Rare Bird) has a publication date: August 2017.

Flash in July: A layer cake, an orange jumpsuit, and a non-ghost story

Where to read, hear, and meet your favorite Flash Flash Click contributors:

negativespace-13Don’t miss Wendy C. Ortiz’s reading for the Poetic Research Bureau on July 9 in Los Angeles.

Maureen Gibbon’s tribute piece about James Salter was published on Lit Hub!

The next Roar Shack reading happens July 10 in Los Angeles. David Rocklin hosts!

Enjoy Lauren Becker’s new work in Juked!

Molly Fuller’s micro fictions, “Discovery,” “No Denying It,” “Scarecrow,” and “Layer Cake,” were selected by writer Eric Anderson for Lit Youngstown‘s 2016 Storygami project, which is part of Youngstown’s Summer Festival of the Arts.

Carol V. Davis’ new book of poetry Because I Cannot Leave This Body will be published by Truman State Univ. Press in early 2017. A poem from that collection will be featured in American Life in Poetry, ed. by Ted Kooser in fall.

Enjoy Mary Milstead’s essay, “This Is Not a Story About a Ghost,” at the Rumpus!

Read Wendy C. Ortiz’s new work at Drunken Boat, FANZINE, and Hobart!

Pamela Hart’s poem, “On the Orange Jumpsuit,” was selected as a finalist for the Auburn Witness Poetry Prize honoring Jake Adam York and will be published this month in the Southern Humanities Review.